Unsere Schüler über uns

  • You will think you are dreaming!
    The natural beauty, super fun night life and days filled with lovely surf and people.
    Catherine Rotchford - New York - USA

    November 2009[mehr]

  • Great people, great vibe, very efficient.
    Highly recommnended.

    Oliver Hooper - London - UK

    October 2009[mehr]

  • A EasyDrop foi fundamental para minha evolução nas habiliddes de surf, tudo isso com profissionais extremamente preparados e um clima descontraìdo e divertido
    Fabrìcio Barreiro - Louveira - Brasil

    Setembro - 2009[mehr]

  • It was an extraordinary and great experience! The instructors really took care a lot to learn the basics. Which I may now use to further progress! 5 of 5 points and one extra! :-)
    Nils Peters - Zürich - Schweiz

    September - 2009[mehr]

  • I can't believe that after only 7 days I can actually surf! It's all down to the awesome instructors, the great location, and the innovative video teaching system. I can' wait to surf again. Thank you!!
    Laura Kandall - London - UK

    September - 2009[mehr]

  • Experiência incrìvel, instrutores motivados, todo mundo sempre animado. Com certeza voltarei no futuro para melhorar ainda mais o que aprendi. Aloha!
    Andre Szasz -Saõ Paulo - Brasil

    Agosto - 2008[mehr]

  • 2nd time at EasyDrop, I was expecting the same great experience as 5 years ago - it turned out to be an even better experience! They keep improving (is it possible?) and innovating. Highly recommended!
    Kjeld Schigt - Paris - France

    August - 2009[mehr]