Unsere Schüler über uns

  • My third time to EasyDrop. I love this place, instructors are friendly and informative, my surfing always improves a lot at EasyDrop. Will be back, can't wait
    Michael Gelb - Seattle - USA

    July - 2009[mehr]

  • Desde o pré-atendimento até a despedida de Itacaré, todos foram extremamente antenciosos, sempre com muita paciência, simpatia e acima de tudo alegria. Obrigada por ter me proprcionado férias e experiências inesquecìveis.
    Vivian Eisig - São Paulo - Brasil

    Julho - 2009[mehr]

  • You will never want to leave! The instructors are so helpful, no matter what level. Itacaré is so relaxed + with great food and night life, yet totally safe....there is no better place to take your surfing holiday.
    Catherine Rotchford - New York - USA

    June - 2009[mehr]

  • I love the step by step instruction + guidance - it really did make it "easy" to learn the basics of surfing. The instructors were very cool, knowledgeable, clear and conscience of our safety. Love these guys! New friends for life! I will be back!
    Erika Lyons - Santa Monica - USA

    June - 2008[mehr]

  • I am very pleased with my first experience of surfing! Each instructor has excellent teaching skills and give personal feedback that you can easily apply when you get back in the water
    Emilie Clement -Ottaxa - CAN

    May - 2008[mehr]

  • Oi gente! I believe you will all be hard-pressed to find better instruction and attention to detail than what is found at Easy Drop. Fantastic instruction - both thoeretical and practical, as well as incredible attention to surfing foundation I found to be essential in making my first "Drop" a successful one. Muito obrigado to all to all of the instructors - you were all great! I'll be back!
    Jonathan Reo - New York - USA

    May - 2009[mehr]

  • I loved every second. I will be back very soon. I will miss all my new friends I made. Can't wait to pratice all my sweet new moves.
    Hannah Lawson - San Clemente - USA

    April - 2009[mehr]