Unsere Schüler über uns

  • Surfing makes you feel the power of the ocean. And your inner strength. It is more than a sport or an adventure. The EasyDrop crew gives themselves to surf... just drop the waves and you'll be family.
    Genevieve Matte - Montreal - Canada

    February - 2008[mehr]

  • They've got it nailed down to the perfect balance of fun, professionalism, great instructions, and a whole lot more. The team's patience never weakened and there was always constant encouragement for every achievement. Whether on the beach, in the office, or in the bar, the EasyDrop team all perform to a high standard and friendly vibe. Loved it! An amazing experience and holiday. Thank you! Julie.
    Julie Angel - London : UK

    January - 2008[mehr]

  • I enjoyed my time with EasyDrop more than I thought I would.The whole experience was amazing, I couln't have a better time. It was great!
    Claudia Admiraal - London : UK

    December - 2007[mehr]

  • Pessoal, essa semana foi uma experiência inesquecìvel! Diversão, crescimento, risadas e muitas ondas! Incrìvel o que acontece em 1 semana! Aguardarei ansiosa e cheia de saudades a próxima vez!
    Cristina Ventorim - Vitória : Brasil

    Dezembro - 2007[mehr]

  • An absolutely perfect place to learn to surf. The instruction is great and the beaches are superb.
    Nicholas Goldsmith - London : UK

    Dezembro - 2007[mehr]

  • I had a cracking time. Really good vibe and top class bunch of guys. And the instructors and whole camp was way superior for my surfing than any other camp I've been to.
    John Vaughan - Dublin - Ireland

    December - 2007[mehr]

  • I felt the instructors and other staff went above and beyond in their helpfulness and friendliness.
    Joel Alexander -Toronto - Canada

    Setembro - 2007[mehr]